Friday, November 23, 2007


Ichthyosaur-(This one isn't suppose to be underlined ether!!!) The name means 'fish lizard', referring to the fishlike appearance. This animal was a prehistoric sea reptile, not a dinosaur. Unlike dinosaurs, ichthyosaurs gave birth to live young (meaning it didn't lay eggs).


meteorite-This isn't suppose to be underlined, but my retarted computer is of course acting up again. I have no clue why I drew this, but I drew it, so here it is.

Mercedes-Benz Truck

Mercedes-Benz Truck-Trucks carry nearly all the goods and materials we use. They are big, heavy vehicles, but modern trucks like this are still as steamlined as possible.

I know the truck is lopsided, but who knows, it could be making a turn!

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle-First launched in 1981, the Space Shuttle is designed to travel repeatedly into space and back again - unlike earlier rockets, whick could be used only once.

I only colored half of this because I thought this would look better then not coloring it AND coloring it fully.


Hydrotherosaurus- Here we have a real 'sea monster.' It belonged to the family of plesiosaurs ('ribbon reptiles'-from their long, narrow shape), which were all adapted to a life at sea. It swam like a fish, but, unlike a fish, had to come to the surface to breathe.

Butterfly thing

Look how random I am! I drew random lines in science one day. At first when I didn't had the wing on, I said to mmyself 'I bet this will look like a cool butterfly thing' so I haded the wings on.